About Us

We are a civic-tech open-source project working to make the conviction vacation process in Washington easier and more straightforward, starting with an eligibility calculator.

Our Story

Those with a criminal record in Washington face significant barriers to daily life after completing their prison terms

Washington State's New Hope Act makes it easier for people with past criminal records to have their convictions vacated. Even then, the process of vacating a conviction is very convoluted, making it difficult for most people to navigate:

It has a number of steps that require time and know-how, increasing the barrier of entry for applicants

While hiring an attorney can help simplify the process, it's unaffordable for most

Volunteer services are available, but they are often inaccessible and don't cover all steps

Our mission is to benefit individuals with criminal convictions in Washington and decrease life-long collateral consequences.

To support this mission, we first focused on creating a Conviction Eligibility Calculator to help people determine if they are eligible to vacate their conviction.

Our Team