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Clearviction was founded in 2020 sparked by Washington State's New Hope Act, We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping people with convictions improve their quality of life.

Each year, nearly 98k people are added to the millions across Washington State already burdened with a criminal record. The justice-impacted folks will face significant barriers to their day to day life after completing their prison terms.

Our mission is to provide tools and guidance to help people clear their criminal records, granting them a second chance to enter society, free from the stigma of their past.

Our Story

While the project started in Seattle, we now have volunteers all across the country and the world dedicating time outside of full-time jobs, graduate programs, and busy lives, to help folks clear their criminal records - giving them a fighting chance to escape a life full of poverty, homelessness, and recidivism.

To support this mission, we have started by creating a Conviction Eligibility Calculator, getting people started down the path of clearing their convictions and starting their life again. The process of vacating a conviction is very convoluted, making it difficult to navigate:

It has a number of steps that require time and know-how, increasing the barrier of entry for applicants.

While hiring an attorney can help simplify the process, it's unaffordable for most.

Free help is sometimes available, but only very rarely and only to a tiny percentage of the folks who need it.

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